My First Post!

Well, I’m doing it. The FIRST POST ::gasp!::.

I guess I will start with an introduction. Hi! I’m Jen. I live in Colorado (jealous?) with my little family — husband, two girls, and our crazy, loveable, freak of a dog. This is my family:

My husband, Jake

My husband and I out for a date night.

Jake — He is the breadwinner and the reason I get to stay at home and share with all of you here :). He’s a serious workaholic in all things. He gives everything he has to his work week, and everything that is left to projects around the house. Which there are a LOT of. We recently bought and moved into “a fixer-upper” — a 3000 square foot fixer-upper with an endless supply of home improvement projects. I help with some of those projects (and create my own projects). You can expect to see some before and after and DIY tutorials on this blog, but back to Jake. We have been married for just over five years and it seems like forever  has been wonderful! I kid, of course. I could say that every moment has been blissful, but then you would (rightfully) assume I was a big fat liar and quit reading my blog. Therefore, I will be honest and say, that we have our challenges — like every marriage — but we power through with open communication and have a happy and solid relationship. He is the best partner I could ask for and a pretty wonderful dad who loves our girls with a deep and fiercely protective intensity that makes me feel sorry for any boy who is ever serious about them or, God forbid, does something to make them cry. To sum up — I’m married to a pretty great guy.

My Girls:

My oldest daughter, Kacie

Kacie and I at an Awolnation concert

Kacie —  My first born. One incredibly talented chick. She’s a phenomenal artist. She plays several instruments (piano, violin, viola, guitar, drums), and is in a garage band that is actually pretty good! I know I’m her mother, but I don’t pull any punches with her. If they sucked, I would not be shy about it. She’s also wicked smart. If she’s not already smarter than I am, she’s not that far behind. I happen to know for a fact that she far surpasses my abilities in several areas anyway. She’s also proud to be so smart without being snobby and show-offy. Also, she’s gorgeous. Look at her! Amazing, right?! Obviously, I’m an incredibly proud mother. Smart, beautiful, level-headed,… teenager? Wait, what? Really. Best. Kid. Ever. She’ll even roll all of the windows down in the car and jam out to 4 Non Blondes “What’s Going On” with me. To the point where people are laughing at us in traffic, but neither of us care. Even if her friends are in the car. Ha! Man, I love that girl.

My youngest daughter, Lilly

Lilly posing for a sweet picture

Lilly —  The youngest. This girl is going to get what she wants out of life. Even if what she wants is in someone else’s hands and she has to rip it viciously from their clutches. When she is sweet, she is very sweet. When she isn’t…well.. She really isn’t ha. She may be slightly spoiled — as per “the youngest” norm, but I don’t care. She’s my baby (*probably* the last one, although we’ve been debating just one more). They (whoever they are) always say that no two children are alike, but as parents I think we always, at least kind of, expect our kids to be similar because we raise them in the same manner. In some ways my girls are identical — Lilly is also wicked smart and has been reading since before she was two, and is also gorgeos (look at her!) — in other ways they are polar opposites. Lilly is rarely as easy going and mild mannered as her sister. She demands attention and she loves to be in charge (she gets that from her dad lol). She is also very stubborn (she gets that from her mom lol), but not as stubborn as I am. She is very outgoing and friendly, where her sister (at the same age) would play alone at the playground before she would walk up and introduce herself the way that Lilly does. I hope she always keeps her spirit, because the same argumentive, demanding attitude that drives me nuts sometimes is going to take her wherever she wants to be in life. Man, I love that girl, too!

Our dog, Layla

Layla, aka “The Dog”

Layla —  The dog. Oh… the dog. This dog. Look at that sweet, innocent (looking) face. She is a purebred Chocolate Lab. We, and by we I mean, MY HUSBAND, bid on her at a charity auction a little over a year ago. And by, bid on her at a charity auction, I mean, he suddenly lifted our auction paddle without discussing it with me and kept up with a bidding war despite my repeated and frantic stage whispered objections. Obviously, I lost that one. I’m glad though. She is a pain in the ass great dog, and bane of my existence wonderful addition to our family. Sure, she may eat Lilly’s toys, smudge up the windows with her wet dog nose, dig under the fence, track mud all over everything in the house, and wait.. where was I going with that? I really am kidding. She absolutelly does all of those things, but she is also absolutely a very sweet, and wonderful family dog. She is smart, and listens well when she chooses to. She  is a lover dog, and we sure love her back. She and Lilly are like sisters more than pet/owner. There is something magical about the bond between a girl and her dog. That alone makes all of her faults more endearing than unbearably annoying.

Me — Like I said, I’m Jen. I’m “The Mom”. Even better, “The Stay-At-Home-Mom”. If you are also a SAHM, you definitely know the difference. I’m the everything in this house. The housekeeper, teacher, chef, taxi-driver, “gogetmemy-er”, bedtime guru, hygiene enforcer, appointment maker, grocery shopper, “noyoucan’thave-er” extraordinaire. I don’t mean to make it sound like I hate it. I don’t. I actually love it almost all of the time. I genuinely enjoy making sure my family is well taken care of.  In order to keep my sanity and sense of  self, I have things that are just for me. Like crochet, and my DIY projects, and this blog. These things balance me so I don’t feel like I am defined as “Jake’s wife” or “Kacie/Lilly’s Mom”. I’m Jen. I run my own home business, and I write about it for other people like me. I run, I love punk music, and music in general (but mostly punk, and reggae/dub), and art, and creating things, and READING, and learning new things. Which brings me to this blog and what you can expect to see here.

As the name suggests, I crochet. The LP is a shortened version of the original name, LillyPops, which is what Lilly used to call lollipops, and I found incredibly adorable. Ultimately, however, I found it a tad on the “cutesy” side and decided to shorten into something a little more “everyone friendly”. For example, I find it more likely that a man would purchase a hat for himself from LPCrochet, than from LillyPops with the cute little owls on the banner. Anyway, that’s the story behind the name. Nothing earth-shatteringly inspired there.

This blog will be shamelessly self promoting, but also as helpful to fellow crocheters and DIYers as possible. Do I want to sell the fruits of my labor? OF COURSE! But I also want to help you. Are you new to crochet? I will be featuring picture tutorials (and maybe some videos, I haven’t decided) of everything in crochet that I think will be useful to you. Basic stitches, simple patterns, fun stitches,  etc. I will also feature links to some of my very favorite free (and not free) patterns. Don’t know how to read/follow patterns? Have no fear! I will be covering that as well! Crochet not your thing? Well.. this might not be the blog for you, but stick around anyway. There may be something here for you. Buy a finished product from my online store, read about my DIY projects. I’ll feature some in depth how-tos on repurposing old furniture and inexpensive home decor ideas.

I hope to hear from you! I’m excited for this new adventure and I will be asking for your criticism, so don’t be afraid to tell me if you hate something here. I’m writing for me, but I’m also writing for you. Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy it!

Also — I’m still learning about page layouts. Any suggestions with inserting pictures in a less sloppy looking way would be appreciated! 🙂 AND — Yay! It’s Friday!