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Motivation Monday

It’s Monday!

I figure if I try to sound excited about it, maybe I can trick myself into it.

I’m not excited to be writing this post. I’ve actually be dreading writing this post. I was SO sick last week that I ran on Monday and that. was. it.

Seriously. I feel horrible about it, but I forced the run on Monday, and it was awful. I couldn’t breathe, my quads were cramping.. Not pretty.

So, I let the illness win. I thought it was just a dumb summer cold, and that I’d be able to push through it. I was wrong. I was winded just walking around my house!

It was also the last few days before my oldest started school (High school! What?!) and we forced a few “last week of summer” activities. We went to the pool on Tuesday, Lilly and I hit the splash park with friends on Wednesday, and we spent Thursday at the zoo. Friday was Kacie’s first day of school, and Lilly and I didn’t really move off of the couch. All the forced fun had caught up with both of us by then. Saturday, I was signed up to run a 5k in the morning, but skipped it (no one wants to be running next to the snot-dripping, cough-er, or have to resuscitate me if I passed out, which was a real possibility ). My fam got up and walked in a parade, then we all went to the Peach Festival and stood in line forEVER, in the scorching heat, so Lilly could have her face painted like a tiger. Last night, Kacie and I went for a walk, but I don’t count it as much exercise because we walked to the grocery store, bought Ben and Jerry’s, and walked home! I DO count the zoo, because I spent about 4 hours pulling a wagon carrying a 40 lb child.

Amidst all the activity during the week, I did manage to write the pattern for tomorrow’s How-To Tuesday and get it sent off to testers! I’m very excited about this one. It’s a little more complicated than any I’ve posted so far, but I am confident that my testers will help me explain it in a way that most crocheters will be able to follow. Today I am going to get the pictures taken and edited. My goal is to hit the publish button bright and early tomorrow morning.

So — Fitness goals for last week — FAIL

My diet for last week — ALSO FAIL

I’m forgiving myself, because hey, everyone gets sick. My body needed the rest (and left to be “the cook”, my husband will just order food lol). I’ve got an appointment today and Lilly is going with Grandma and Uncle. That usually means a sleepover, but I’m going to take the downtime to get in some much needed running on the treadmill. This week, we have Lilly’s back-to-school (or just, TO school.. since she’s never been). Once she starts, I’ll be adding some weight lifting to my weekly routines.

I’m going to set a tentative goal for 3 miles 4 days this week. I’m still not feeling totally better and I don’t want to push it too much.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Did you meet your fitness goals last week? What are they THIS week?

*I’m skipping pictures this week.. haha, I just.. can’t today. Next week.*


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Motivation Monday

Here we are.. Another MONDAY. And it’s one of those Mondays, too. Stupid Mondays.

Well I have to report, sadly, that I did NOT accomplish my fitness goals last week. I’m not beating myself up too much over it, because I did manage to fit quite a bit into a pretty full week. It looked something like this:

Monday – I got a nice two mile walk in on the treadmill at a steep incline in the morning, squeezed in a three mile run in the afternoon, and 60 squats for the 30 day squat challenge. Not too shabby.

Tuesday – We hung out at the pool after swimming lessons, and I put off my run until after dinner, which was a mistake. I ran a mile before developing a horrible stomach cramp. I hopped off the treadmill and went for a two mile walk around the neighborhood with my oldest.

Wednesday – I don’t know how I managed it, but I fit in a three mile run after swimming lessons, an afternoon at the pool and park (while Kacie was at piano lessons for an hour), and my bi-weekly grocery shopping trip. Oh yeah, I didn’t shower until 7 PM.. That’s how I did it (sorry fellow grocery shoppers lol).

Thursday – I ran three miles before going to book club, then I went for a walk around the neighborhood with Kacie (two miles) when I got home.

Friday – I totally slacked and didn’t run at all. I DID, however, complete the hat/pattern for tomorrows tutorial! I’m pretty excited to share it with you all! Still.. I felt like a slug.

Saturday – I ran three miles before dinner. Actually — WHILE my family was eating dinner. I didn’t want a repeat of Tuesday’s stomach cramps. Then, while Jake was putting Lilly to bed, Kacie and I went for our two mile walk around the neighborhood.

Sunday – I drove Kacie up into the mountains to drop her off at camp for two weeks. By the time I got home it was 5 o’clock and I was beat. I took a rest day.

You’ll notice no mention of any ab work, which was part of my goal for the week. I did none. I did start the 30 day squat challenge, but didn’t do any squats other than Monday haha, so I’ll be starting that over again this week.

Totals for this week — Miles Ran – 13, Miles Walked – 8 for a total of 21 miles for the week.

60 squats

Not terrible, but not my goal, either. I’ll be working on it this week.

Goals for this week – 5 miles/3x, 3 miles/3x, 50 Ab exercise reps every other day, complete week one of 30 day squat challenge.

Last week I also paid more attention to my diet and these are a few things I realized, that could be holding me back.

1.  I don’t eat breakfast – I didn’t realize this fully. I was under the impression that I sometimes don’t eat breakfast, but I don’t. Ever. Unless I make a conscious effort to do so (which I will from now on — although, I didn’t eat breakfast today, either, so I guess that will start tomorrow).

2. Because I don’t eat breakfast, I fill up on coffee. This results in me, suddenly starving part way through the day. Then it’s like my body goes into panic-mode and I ravenously devour any and everything that sounds good — ie: unhealthy food choices. I end up overeating at “lunch” time.

3. Sometimes this means I don’t eat dinner (because I am still so full from earlier binge), further propelling my body into an unhealthy, poor metabolic state.

4. I eat fast food about once a week. This has been a shocking realization for me. I did not consider myself a weekly fast food patron. I, honestly, used to proclaim that “we don’t eat a lot of fast food”. Hmm.. Apparently I am delusional, because once a week IS a lot of fast food. Once a week probably doesn’t even give my body enough time to fully rid itself of that junk!

5. Lilly tries to get me to eat snacks ALL DAY LONG. Seriously. She is forever sticking something in my face trying to get me to “just try a little piece” until I will usually, finally just eat it to get her to stop.

All five of these things are problems that I intend to fix. I know it won’t be as easy as I think it should be, but I am going to try.

My scale is broken (needs replacement batteries), so no update there this week. I feel about the same though, weight-wise.

What are your goals this week?

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I feel like I’ve already said this a lot in my short blogging life, but, I’m still here!

My oldest is leaving for camp on Sunday, and will be gone for 2 weeks. She was also gone all of last week, so this week I put everything else on the backburner to spend some time with her. I hope you can all forgive me 🙂

We have spent a lot of time at the pool with friends, walking around the neighborhood, and just hanging out watching stupid (but hilarious) videos on YouTube (like this one):

 . Seriously!? That makes me laugh (maybe more than I should) every. time.

Tonight/tomorrow we are going to get all of our school shopping done, and Sunday I drive her to camp!

We’ve also completed Preschool level 2 swimming lessons (and by we I mean Lilly), and will be moving right along to Preschool level 3 swimming next week. My baby is a little fish! 

I’ve somewhat kept up with my workout plan for the week, but we’ve been busy enough that it’s been hard to fit everything in. I’ll update on that on Monday.

This weekend I am working on next week’s Tuesday tutorial — a chevron slouch beanie! Woo! It’s a lot like this one:  

I’ve also been working on another pullover cover-up sweater like the colorful one I made for Lilly last week. This one is a cream color, and big enough for ME, so I hope it looks great when I get it put together. It’s currently in 2 pieces and sans sleeves/neck hole.  My husband is taking Lilly to a swimming party tomorrow, so I am hoping to get it finished (along with the tutorial piece) then.. While still finishing up school shopping.. and still fitting in a 5 mile run.. Hmm.. We’ll see how that turns out (ha!). 

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week, and have fun plans for the weekend! What are you all working on? What are you doing this weekend? 



Motivation Monday

Welcome to week 3 of Motivation Monday!

I didn’t get around to picking a Pinspired workout last week, but I really like that idea, so I’m not shelving it yet. I just didn’t have much time to spare last week. I won’t really this week, either, but I’m going to throw something extra in anyway.

On with the report.

Monday – Lilly had swimming lessons last week (and this week), so we headed there after I finished up last week’s Motivation post. I’m having a difficult time remembering exactly what I did that day lol. I know I ran my 3 miles, but I cannot seem to remember at what time of the day.. Hmm.. At any rate, I got it done.

Tuesday – Jake got home a little earlier than normal, so he did me a HUGE favor, and took Lilly to the park so I could run without distraction. I took the opportunity to get a 5 mile day out of the way.

Wednesday – After swimming, my step-mom treated us to lunch, and took Lilly to Build-A-Bear, and home with her to have a sleepover. I took it as a sign, and got my second 5 mile day taken care of (plus, hopefully burned off that Chik-Fil-A lol).

Thursday – I ran 1.5 in the morning before I met Lilly at the pool. I was supposed to have a pool day with friends, but it was raining/lightning(ing?) all day, so we cancelled. I felt bad about splitting up a shorter run, so I ran another 2.5 in the evening (total 4 for the day).

Friday – I was supposed to have a pool day (again) but when we got to the car to go to swim lessons, I found we had been vandalized, and our back window had been shattered out. I spent the day vacuuming glass out of the car and street with the shop-vac instead. Fun. It was such a bummer day, and I was pretty sore by Friday, so I took a rest day.

Saturday – I ran 2 miles in the morning while Lilly was playing with neighbors and Jake was cleaning out the garage. I had plans for a little while in the afternoon, and ran another 2 miles later in the day. I don’t know why I split it up that day, but I ended up with an extra mile (4 for the day).

Sunday – I had more than completed my promised mileage, so I took another rest day.

Total Mileage for the week – 21 (Yay me!)


I just did a weigh in and am at 124 lbs. Woo.. Kind of.

This week’s plan:

This week I am going to add one more 5 mile day for a total of 3, with two 3 mile days. One of the 5 mile days I am going to walk (quickly) on a steep incline. I’m also going to add 3 ab days. I have an “ab-roller” that I actually really like, so I’ll just use that.  I’m going to add some kind of stretch routine in there somewhere too. Maybe yoga or something. My quads have been killing me after the longer runs.

What is your workout plan for the week?