Motivation Monday

Well I survived the craft fair. Two days! The first day (Friday) was miserable. It was freezing and raining all day and we sold almost nothing.

Miserable, miserable, miserable.

Saturday was a gorgeous day and I personally don’t know how well my cohort fared, but I made more than triple the entire booth fee. I call that a successful day!


Here is an unflattering picture of me nearing the end of the day on Saturday. My table is there on the left. Our items had been pretty thoroughly picked through at this point.

The worst part of craft fairs:

  • Carrying your booth
  • Setting up your booth
  • Nit-picking customers
  • Hagglers (This isn’t a garage sale people!)
  • Price complainers
  • Packing up
  • Carrying your booth

The best part of craft fairs:

  • Making money
  • Meeting fellow crafters
  • Trading with other vendors
  • Compliments
  • Gushers

You can see there are a few more downsides than upsides, but making money — if you make enough — is a big enough PLUS to get over all of the other stuff.

Friday, as I mentioned above, was an awful day. Full of nothing but downsides. I stayed with my in-laws that night and headed to their house feeling very dejected and discouraged (and cold.. very very cold). Had Saturday not been part of the deal, or had it not played out the way it did, I very well may have given up craft shows altogether.

Saturday was a wonderful day full of upsides. I made money! What a bonus! By 11:30 I had made back the booth fee. Once I made more than I paid for parking and food for the two days, I considered it a “profitable” day — we won’t get into materials costs.. I don’t want to dwindle my “profits” too terribly haha! There were a few downsides — some nit-pickers, those are the customers that stand at your table and try to figure out how to make your items, they’re usually fellow crafters and have no intention of actually buying anything. I try to strike up conversation with the nit-pickers. Let them know I’m not “the enemy” so to speak. I’ll just tell them where to buy the pattern for whatever it is they are nit-picking, but typically they are also too cheap to pay for patterns. I had one haggler, seriously.. you’re NOT at a garage sale! In the end, I let him haggle. I couldn’t believe it. I swore I wouldn’t do that, but it was 2 dollars, it was the end of the day, and I could tell he wasn’t going to pay full price. I decided my pride could take the hit in the name of moving merchandise. I also had a few price complainers. These are the people who will just about DIE before they’d make eye contact with you. It’s much easier to complain about your prices loud enough for you to HEAR, but not TO YOU.. They only complain to their shopping companions. Funny enough, my biggest price complainer’s companions both ended up buying from me. So there. Take THAT Complainer!

All in all it was a good experience. I’m going to rebuild my stock (I sold more than half of my merchandise!) and try to get into a show in November. Preferably INDOORS so I don’t have to set up that God-forsaken tent and sit outside in the cold all day. Seriously. Carrying your junk to and from your booth space? Hands down the worst part of doing a craft show. My entire body was sore for 3 days.

I am still not back on track with my running goals. And on that note, I am also going to be changing the format of the Motivation posts. I’ll keep you updated on progress still, but no more pictures. It makes my hubs uncomfortable (I think, he didn’t say that), and I was a little creeped out recently to get a notification that someone had taken one of my pics for some reason (blech!). So, there you have it — from now on, I’ll be focusing on the craft portion of my blog with updates on running/exercise progress, diet (I think we’re going gluten free! Yikes!), but that’ll be about it. I was tired of looking at those stupid pictures anyway.

Happy Monday!



Motivation Monday

Happy Labor Day Monday! I hope you are all doing something fun and relaxing!

We’ve all been bums for the past couple of days, which has been very nice.

Last week was a much better workout week for me. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. I’d fallen out of my routine after being sick, and it wasn’t easy to get back into the swing of things.

Here we go:

Monday: I didn’t get any time on the treadmill because I was so focused on getting last week’s pattern ready to go before Tuesday. What did you guys think of it, by the way?

Tuesday: I got back on track a bit and ran my 3 miles. It was harder than I feel it should have been, but I felt good getting it done!

Wednesday: I slacked a tiny bit and only ran 2 miles. I couldn’t muster the motivation to get that last mile in. I don’t know what the problem was.

Thursday: I didn’t get my run in. I was planning to do it when Jake was putting Lilly to bed, but my bff was having surgery Friday, so I skipped the run and drove to Denver to visit her in the hospital before she went under the knife.

Friday: This was my shining day this week (ha!). I ran 2 miles in the morning, then 2 more miles in the afternoon. At that point, I was “caught up” for the week, but I felt SO good about it, I ran another 3 miles before dinner for a total of 7 miles for the day. I’ll go ahead and lift my arm for the high five you are undoubtedly mentally giving me. 🙂

Saturday: I ran 3 miles in the morning to round out the week.

Sunday: We were all bums for the day and enjoyed every minute of it.

Totals for the week: 15 miles — Goal MET! 

Finally. After two weeks (2? or 3?) of failed goals, this week’s met goals felt REALLY good.

Diet wise? The week was not terrible, but not great either. I had a lot of salad and fresh fruit and veggies (which I love and eat regularly), but I went out to eat with my step mom early in the week, took fast food to bff in the hospital (her request), and went out to dinner with the fam Friday evening. I am getting better at ordering *better* restaurant items, though, so I don’t feel terrible about it.

This week I am going to set a goal of 20 miles. Lilly starts Pre-K Wednesday, so I should have no excuses (ha! But I’m so good at coming up with excuses!).

I know I said pictures this week, but .. sorry. I haven’t had the spare moments to take any and currently my participation is being requested in a game of Jenga.

I’m working on editing this week’s pattern and should have it up tomorrow. I’ve been frantically prepping for the craft show at the end of the month, and finished several WIPs (that’s “work in progress” for those not in the know) this weekend. I also had a weird experience at JoAnn’s yesterday that still blows me away haha! Nothing spectacular, just the idiocy and inconsideration of people continues to shock me — although, with the amount of idiocy I’ve dealt with in my life, it shouldn’t anymore.

What are your goals this week? Get out and get moving!