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How-To Tuesday — Postponed

So. It has come to this.

So, it has come to this

It feels like a huge deal, but I suppose it’s not really.

I have this week’s How-To Tuesday all typed up and ready to go. All it’s missing is pictures. I almost published it.


I couldn’t do it. I felt like I was forcing something that wasn’t ready yet. There are just too many little quirks I need to work out before I can feel comfortable sending you off on your merry way with it. There are already so many pattern designers (I won’t mention any names, but if you’ve ever attempted to work one of their patterns, I don’t HAVE to) who care more about cranking out the next design than about whether the pattern is actually workable. I don’t want to be known for that.


I was going to work up a quickie/easy headband pattern so I would have SOMETHING for you all.


Do you see a theme emerging (haha)?

If you’ve been following on Facebook, you know we’ve had illness descend upon our household. It’s no big deal when it’s me, or my husband, or even my oldest daughter, but the past couple of days Lilly has been the sick one and she is still little.

Little + Sick = Mom gets NO time to herself to do anything.


I’m working on several things and will hopefully get something posted this week. Maybe even a couple! I do have some orders to fill, so I’m also trying to get those finished in between.

Oh! And I get to go have a fun photo shoot with my awesome (and pretty adorable) bff tomorrow, so I’ll post some of those pictures too 🙂

Happy Tuesday!



Motivation Monday

Just call me Slacker..

I’ve got a cold again. It seems like we just pass this junk back and forth around here.

I also have oral surgery tomorrow morning, so I’m not going to have a pattern ready for tomorrow’s blog.

However, I’m not completely useless.

I’ve made 2 breast cancer awareness graph beanies for auction donations (pattern by Playin’ Hooky Designs), and I’m working on 2 tunisian scarves (Gryffindor!), convertible mittens, and some boot cuffs.

I’ve got a super idea for my next hat, and I’ll get started on it as soon as I get these other projects done. I’m hoping to have it ready for next week, but this tunisian stuff might be the death of me!

I hope you’re all having a good week!

Wish me luck tomorrow — I’m super NOT excited about this surgery 😦

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A Quick Update

Hey all!

I’m still here. I’ve got this big 2 day craft show this weekend, so all of my time has been funneled into preparing for it.


I’ll be back on track next week with a Monday post, a new pattern on Tuesday, and more time to cover a few things.

Plus, I’ll let you know how the show goes!


I hope everyone is having a great week! Pop over to Instagram and check out what I’ve been working on (username: @lpcrochet)!




Motivation Monday

Oh, hello Monday.. I wasn’t expecting you so soon…

I was sick last week, so here’s what it looked like:

Monday – I felt like my head was going to combust with every blink so I skipped the treadmill. Lame.

Tuesday – I still felt awful, but managed 3 miles throughout the day. Not my goal, but better than nothing.

Wednesday – I felt better, but still not wonderful. I got a mile done in the morning, and another 4 when Lilly went to bed. 

Thursday – I ran 3 miles in the afternoon. I couldn’t seem to muster any energy all week. 

Friday – I had a relapse, and felt junky again. I ran a whopping HALF of a mile in the morning and thought I was going to keel over. 

I didn’t get anything done Saturday OR Sunday. It was a piss-poor workout week for me. I’m happy to say I logged miles even when I felt awful. 

Total miles for that horrendous week? 11.5

I’m still severely lacking in the energy department today. I can’t seem to shake off whatever this bug is. I’m going to scale back my goals for the week and shoot for 3 miles/5x. 

That should be an attainable goal even if I have to walk some of them.

Diet for the week was not the healthiest. I reverted to non-breakfast eating, and had pizza and fast food twice out of sheer laziness and lack of motivation to cook. Nobody was feeling great, so we otherwise ate mostly salads and fruit. 
We’ll get back on track today. We get organic produce delivered to the house and today is delivery day! Yay! 

I’m also trying to convince my husband that we should switch to half-caff coffee, and then to decaf. I have a feeling caffeine is a major culprit in my non-energy issue. This might be a difficult point to push, and I have much work to do to bring him into agreement.

Kacie starts high school on Friday! 
How am I this old already?! 

Happy Monday! What are your goals for the week?



Blah Blah Blah, sick.

I’ve been ill this week — Please forgive my absence 🙂

It definitely makes for a long week of feeling unproductive. Which I hate more than the actual illness. 

I’m working on something awesome for next week’s How-To Tuesday. I’m hoping to buy your forgiveness with free patterns ha!

Monday’s Give-Away was fun, right?! Keep checking back over at http://yarnobsession.com/, she’s got a give-away per day for over a month still!

Barbara Dolan was my lucky winner, and I shipped her brand spankin’ new Chevron Slouch Beanie today! Congrats Barbara 🙂

I hope everyone is having a great week — My oldest comes home this weekend after 2 weeks away, so I’m pretty excited for Saturday!




Motivation Monday — Week 4

Today I need some Monday Motivation.

Hopefully, writing it for YOU will also benefit ME — it usually does.

Here we go!

Monday – I broke things up and ran 5 miles throughout the day. Have I mentioned lately how much I love having a treadmill in my house? If I’m having the kind of day where a longer run (or even more than one mile) is just not going to happen, I can do shorties through the day and still rack up the miles. I LOVE it!

Tuesday –  Tuesday didn’t happen. Life got in the way all day, and even though it wasn’t my night to do bedtime, I ended up doing it anyway. In my running clothes. Because that’s when I was going to get it out of the way. Lilly had a weird week in the sleep department, so it was an off night.

Wednesday – I ran 4.5 miles before swimming lessons, and 3.5 more in the evening for a total of 8 miles for the day. I wanted to make up for the lack of running the day before, so — mission accomplished!

Thursday – My aunt was visiting from Oklahoma, so I took her shopping in Estes Park. I would guess we walked AT LEAST 3 miles by the end of the trip. I know my body was feeling it! After I put Lilly to bed, I ran 3 miles.

Friday – I ran a mile before swimming lessons. I keep trying to get up early and run first thing in the morning. I honestly do not understand how anyone does that?! My body just doesn’t work that way, I guess. After we got home, I ran 2 miles while Lilly was eating lunch. I was crunched for time because we were all leaving for the weekend and I had to get everyone packed (including the dog :P).

Saturday – I was in Keystone for a wedding, and really didn’t have an opportunity to fit in any running.

Sunday – Was a recovery day from the weekend’s festivities. If I had tried to run yesterday, I would have died. I think literally haha!

So.. Another week of unmet goals, but I’m still incredibly happy with the work I am getting done. AGAIN I did not do the stupid squat challenge lol, OR abs. I’m not even going to set it as a goal this week!

Total miles for the week (not including the shopping excursion) – 19 – the fewest I’ve run per week for a month!

My diet this week was pretty decent. I ate breakfast every morning, which resulted in my drinking less coffee (aka “Sweetness and Creamer”). I also went mostly vegetarian this week. My husband said he was “not feeling” meat lately, and honestly, I haven’t been either, so we just cut it out for the week after Monday. We had a lot of salad and fresh fruit.  I’d love you to share your favorite (and delicious) healthy recipes here! Just pop ’em into the comments!

I feel like I am definitely seeing some real progress. It’s enough to keep me going, and enough to encourage me to push myself a little harder every time.

My goals for this week — 5 miles/3x, 4 miles/2x for a total of 23 miles for the week.

My scale is still broken. It needs a new battery and keeps telling me I weigh 15 pounds more than I weighed 4 weeks ago! I know that isn’t right lol. It takes a weird battery that I haven’t been able to find yet. I’ll have to find one this week!

What are your fitness goals for the week?