How-To Tuesday — Criss Cross Chunky Cowl


Lilly has been up all night with an ear infection, so I’m going to try to get this written and posted before the doctor’s office opens. Fortunately, she doesn’t seem as miserable now as she was from midnight to 6 am. There’s something about the middle of the night that makes all illnesses worse, am I right?

Anyway, on to the pattern!

chunky cross stitch cowl lpcrochet

This one is pretty simple, so I didn’t have it tested, so please don’t hesitate to let me know if there is anything weird about it,  but I’m *pretty sure* it should be easy to follow.

I’m a fan of any pattern that is:

1. Fast to work up


2. Beautiful when finished

This pattern is definitely both of these, so I figured I had a keeper this week!

Ready to get started?

Materials Needed:

Super Bulky yarn (I used Lion Brand HomeTown USA in Los Angeles Tan) — Just under 2 skeins made the one pictured.

3 Buttons (My oldest found mine at Hobby Lobby)

*Size L hook (sorry, I forgot to put that in this morning! I blame sleep deprivation :P)

Needle for weaving ends

Terms used (US terminology):

ch – chain

st – stitch

dc – double crochet

xst – cross stitch – skip next st, dc into following st, go back and dc into skipped st (see pictures below)

Ch 75

(you can easily adjust the size by adding/subtracting beginning chains)

R1: dc into 3rd ch from hook and all the way down the row

R2: Ch 3 (counts as dc here and throughout) *xst over next two sts* repeat to end, finishing the row with a dc into the top of the turning ch of the previous row

R3: Ch 3, dc into the top of each xst (ending in the turning ch) from the previous row

R4-11: Repeat rows 2 and 3 alternately, ending with a dc row

Finish off and weave in your ends

Attach buttons evenly spaced vertically on one end — you can use any stitch space on the other end as a ‘button-hole’

The end! Super easy, right?

And here are some pictures for reference (and then some of me showing off how much I love this thing haha :P):

I’ve had a question about stitch placements in the row following the xst row — here are some pictures to help clear up any confusion!


Author: Jen

Mom Wife Crochet Geek Craft Enthusiast Thrift Store Furniture Savior WannaBe Runner Book Lover Sometimes Chef (ish) Occasional Lazy Girl Sitcom Watcher

15 thoughts on “How-To Tuesday — Criss Cross Chunky Cowl

  1. Beautiful scarf! I want to start one right now but noticed there was no indication as to what size crochet hook. Can you please post the size hook used to make it? Thanks!!

  2. Oh one day I will get through a cowl. I just never find the right finishing buttons. I have 3 on needles yet. Thanks for sharing! this is adorable. I just wanted to share with you that I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award here: http://craftmanicmommy.wordpress.com/2013/09/12/awards-what-no-way

  3. Great pattern! Saw it posted on the CCC page on fb. Bought the same exact yarn tonight and Im on row six =] Quick, easy, beautiful pattern! Thanks for sharing =]

  4. Hey Jen! Your scarf is gorgeous, and I’m trying to make right now.

    Question though: could you clarify row 3? If we’re dc ontop of the xst, do you just mean that we’re dc all the way down?

    Or do we dc directly on top of the xst, and skip stiches in the process?

    Hope this makes sense!

  5. Love thus pattern and love the way Hometown yarn feels….so soft. I’ve started my scarf tonight and have my usual problem….curving of the first row. I’ve started the foundation row with an 11.5 hook to try and prevent this and then have switched to an 8.0 hook. I do not tend to crochet toghtly. Did your first row tens to curve? Help!!!!
    Thanks in advance

    • Mine didn’t this time, but I know what you mean! I hate that. I have a scarf that I just kind of freestyled that looks like a rainbow when I unroll it.

      If you’re not chaining too tightly, I don’t know what else it could be :/ Anyone else have advice?

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