Motivation Monday — Week 4


Today I need some Monday Motivation.

Hopefully, writing it for YOU will also benefit ME — it usually does.

Here we go!

Monday – I broke things up and ran 5 miles throughout the day. Have I mentioned lately how much I love having a treadmill in my house? If I’m having the kind of day where a longer run (or even more than one mile) is just not going to happen, I can do shorties through the day and still rack up the miles. I LOVE it!

Tuesday –  Tuesday didn’t happen. Life got in the way all day, and even though it wasn’t my night to do bedtime, I ended up doing it anyway. In my running clothes. Because that’s when I was going to get it out of the way. Lilly had a weird week in the sleep department, so it was an off night.

Wednesday – I ran 4.5 miles before swimming lessons, and 3.5 more in the evening for a total of 8 miles for the day. I wanted to make up for the lack of running the day before, so — mission accomplished!

Thursday – My aunt was visiting from Oklahoma, so I took her shopping in Estes Park. I would guess we walked AT LEAST 3 miles by the end of the trip. I know my body was feeling it! After I put Lilly to bed, I ran 3 miles.

Friday – I ran a mile before swimming lessons. I keep trying to get up early and run first thing in the morning. I honestly do not understand how anyone does that?! My body just doesn’t work that way, I guess. After we got home, I ran 2 miles while Lilly was eating lunch. I was crunched for time because we were all leaving for the weekend and I had to get everyone packed (including the dog :P).

Saturday – I was in Keystone for a wedding, and really didn’t have an opportunity to fit in any running.

Sunday – Was a recovery day from the weekend’s festivities. If I had tried to run yesterday, I would have died. I think literally haha!

So.. Another week of unmet goals, but I’m still incredibly happy with the work I am getting done. AGAIN I did not do the stupid squat challenge lol, OR abs. I’m not even going to set it as a goal this week!

Total miles for the week (not including the shopping excursion) – 19 – the fewest I’ve run per week for a month!

My diet this week was pretty decent. I ate breakfast every morning, which resulted in my drinking less coffee (aka “Sweetness and Creamer”). I also went mostly vegetarian this week. My husband said he was “not feeling” meat lately, and honestly, I haven’t been either, so we just cut it out for the week after Monday. We had a lot of salad and fresh fruit.  I’d love you to share your favorite (and delicious) healthy recipes here! Just pop ’em into the comments!

I feel like I am definitely seeing some real progress. It’s enough to keep me going, and enough to encourage me to push myself a little harder every time.

My goals for this week — 5 miles/3x, 4 miles/2x for a total of 23 miles for the week.

My scale is still broken. It needs a new battery and keeps telling me I weigh 15 pounds more than I weighed 4 weeks ago! I know that isn’t right lol. It takes a weird battery that I haven’t been able to find yet. I’ll have to find one this week!

What are your fitness goals for the week?


Author: Jen

Mom Wife Crochet Geek Craft Enthusiast Thrift Store Furniture Savior WannaBe Runner Book Lover Sometimes Chef (ish) Occasional Lazy Girl Sitcom Watcher

2 thoughts on “Motivation Monday — Week 4

  1. I think trying to run 1 mile might kill me…keep it up, you’re doing amazing!

    • Thank you! Some days I feel like one mile will kill me, too haha. Usually after that first one, the rest are not so bad. Unless it’s first thing in the AM for me..

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